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Regenerative Medicine Product Development - Locate Therapeutics

Locate Therapeutics (Locate) is a regenerative medicine product development company which has developed TAOS™ (Targeted Orchestrated Signalling matrix); a patented polymer technology with multiple medical applications.

The TAOS™ matrix system is a world-first in tissue repair. It is a unique regenerative medicine platform that provides an optimal structure to support tissue repair, and can precisely accommodate and promote the actions of locally-applied drugs, and emergent biological and cell-based therapies. TAOS’ injectable particulate formulation is thermally-triggered to solidify into a space-filling open porous depot that supports tissue repair before degrading away.

Locate has additional complementary technologies in cell therapy bioprocessing (RPMax; Reversible Porous Matrix for trypsin-free 3D cell culture) and intracellular delivery (IntraStem high-performance carrier peptide).


For further information please email or call +44 (0)115 784 0041..

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Recent news

Locate Therapeutics Deepens Development Collaboration With Heraeus Medical GmbH
27th Jan 2017 – Nottingham based, Locate Therapeutics (“Locate”) announced today the deepening of a development collaboration with the innovative orthopaedic company, Heraeus Medical GmbH. Read More > >

Recent Paper

Dixon, J.E., Osman, G., Morris, G.E., Markides, H., Rotherham, M., Bayoussef, Z., El Haj, A.J., Denning, C. and Shakesheff, K.M., 2016. Highly efficient delivery of functional cargoes by the synergistic effect of GAG binding motifs and cell-penetrating peptides. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(3), pp.E291-E299.

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+44 (0)115 784 0041

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