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Potential applications of TAOS Technology

TAOS technology is exceptionally versatile and can be applied in a wide variety of clinical applications for example:

Applications of TAOS technologyOrthopaedic medicine

  • as an effective and easy to use a bone void filler
  • for precision delivery of osteoinductive drugs where a narrow therapeutic window is mandated
  • for prolonged and precision delivery of therapeutics e.g. antibiotics for the treatment of osteomyelitis

Drug delivery

  • in human medical applications where a narrow therapeutic window and or controlled sustained release is required

Cell therapy

  • as vehicle for improving cell therapy efficacy by focussing regenerative cells precisely at the site of repair without the risk of migration

Cell culture

  • for maintenance and or expansion of cell lines in 3D without the need for enzymatic or mechanical retrieval

Veterinary medicine

  • for equine and small animal orthopaedic applications
  • dental applications e.g. post extraction void filler (with or without antibiotic)
  • sub gingival treatment of periodontal disease
  • delivery of antibiotics and paraciticides where reliable and controllable depot properties are required.
  • any veterinary applications where a narrow therapeutic window is required


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