Partnering opportunities

Locate has already attracted a number of commercial product development and research partnerships in orthopaedic, drug delivery, cell delivery and cell culture applications. The company welcomes enquiries from potential development partners that might wish to utilise its TAOS, RPMax or IntraStem technologies in their own development programme or with an interest in partnering one of Locate’s very promising in house development programmes.

Locate can offer its commercial development and research partners a unique, patented regenerative medicine platform technology that can unlock the value of pharmaceutical and cell-based products and in certain applications enable faster regulatory approval. In addition, the company can offer its partners a number of important augmented benefits which make Locate an attractive co-development partner, for example;

  • Value generation throughout the development process.
  • Early opportunities to enhance efficacy and safety of generic or repurposed molecules.
  • Enhance manufacturing yields and lower costs for stem cell therapies.
  • Strengthen partner IP by creating unique attributes through new combinations of advanced materials and either new or licensed actives.

For further information please email or call +44 (0)115 784 0041.

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Partnering Opportunities

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