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TAOS™ technology is a world-first in tissue repair and has multiple medical applications. It provides an optimal structure to support tissue repair, and can precisely deliver and promote the actions of small molecules, emergent biological or cell-based therapies with several advantages: -

  • Unprecedented delivery strategy
  • Unique, biologically-friendly, setting using proprietary non-toxic/non-exothermic mechanism
  • Precision spatial and temporal control of drug presentation with reduced side-effect profiles
  • Biomaterial degradation in a timely manner to leave only natural in-grown replacement tissue
  • Structural template reinforces the defect and promote integration with surrounding tissue
    • Architecture and geometry create a permissive environment for cell ingrowth & tissue repair
    • Mechanical properties closely match that of the native tissue
  • An easy-to-use synthetic material
    • Employs off-the-shelf FDA-approved polymers with a long history of safe use
    • Injectable format meets the growing need for minimally invasive surgical procedure

These properties make TAOS™ extremely versatile and thereby highly applicable to a wide range of regenerative surgeries throughout the body. TAOS™ will appeal to both clinicians and a diverse set of industry players requiring advanced therapy delivery.

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