IntraStem for High-Performance Intracellular Uptake

IntraStem is a new intracellular delivery system that overcomes a problem in pluripotent stem cell culture as well as being applicable to many other mammalian cell types. The system, involving GAG-binding enhanced transduction, enables intracellular delivery of proteins, nucleic acids and particles into cells that resist other non-viral strategies. Delivery of proteins that promote cellular pluripotency and differentiation, delivery and expression of mRNA, and high-yield delivery of nano and microparticles have all been exemplified.

IntraStem has been shown to increase intracellular delivery of protein by two-orders of magnitude and is especially effective at delivering these payloads to pluripotent stem cells that proved resistant to conventional cell penetrating peptide strategies.

IntraStem Publication:

  • Dixon JE, Osman G, Morris GE, Markides H, Rotherham M, Bayoussef Z, El Haj AJ, Denning C, Shakesheff KM (2016). “Highly efficient delivery of functional cargoes by the synergistic effect of GAG binding motifs and cell-penetrating peptides”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 113(3):E291-9.

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