Reversible Porous Matrix (RPMax): A Thermoreversible Porous Matrix

RPMax comprises a free-flowing liquid below 37°C that reversibly forms a porous gel above this temperature. The gel then sets, remains stable, and can support cell growth. Cells are rapidly detached from the substrate by simply cooling - no proteolytic enzyme treatment or harsh mechanical retrieval is required. For research and bioprocessing applications, magnetic substrates can be added for the rapid harvesting of cells. This makes the product fully compatible with robotic culture systems.

The key to the process is the synthesis of novel, biocompatible amphiphilic co-polymers that are chain-extended and exhibit high water solubility just below body temperature, but which are insoluble at 37 ºC. The material can be used to coat particles and form porous 3D gel scaffolds, which better represent the environments experienced by cells within the body.

RPMax Publications:

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  • Saeed, Aram, Nora Francini, Lisa White, James Dixon, Toby Gould, Hassan Rashidi, Al Ghanami et al. "A Thermoresponsive and Magnetic Colloid for 3D Cell Expansion and Reconfiguration." Advanced Materials 27, no. 4 (2015): 662-668
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