Why was TAOS developed?

The concept of the TAOS (TArgeted, Orchestrated Signalling) technology is founded on the necessity to strike a balance between the commercial need to make regenerative medicine products cost effective and the highly complex process of tissue repair and morphogenesis. The TAOS system is a platform concept that offers precise control over the presentation of microenvironmental cues enabling efficacy and safety enhancements for cell therapies or orchestrating host cell responses to localized repair.

The key clinical features and benefits of the TAOS system include:

  • Presentation of distinct integrin-mediated cues to specify cell adhesion mechanisms.
  • Spatial and temporal control of drug presentation with reduced side-effect profiles.
  • Structural templates reinforce the defect and promote integration with surrounding tissue.
  • Mechanical properties that closely match that of the native tissue.
  • An architecture and geometry (e.g. shape, porosity, pore size) to create a permissive environment for cellular migration, proliferation and differentiation.
  • Biomaterial degradation in a timely manner to facilitate tissue ingrowth.
  • Injectable format to meet the growing need for surgical procedures using minimally invasive techniques.

These clinical attributes make TAOS highly versatile and means that as a technology it offers a platform approach for regenerative surgeries throughout the body.


TAOS particle-fused matrices can be used as a regenerative porous tissue scaffold and also creates a versatile drug and cell delivery system.

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